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Lectures Co-Sponsored by Fréamh Éireann and GAC Language Groups

Plantations, Potatoes and People: The Agricultural Struggles in Eighteenth Century Ireland
A Look at Land Use in the 18th Century
Memory and Commemoration: The Great Irish Famine in America
By: Prof. John Roney, Sacred Heart University & Prof. David Valone, Quinnipiac University

Ancient Ireland and the Development of Celtic Culture and Christianity
By: Prof. John Roney, Sacred Heart University

The World of Cú Chulainn: An Introduction to Early Irish Legends
An introduction to the history, style, and contents of the heroic legends of early medieval Ireland, with emphasis on the great tales of the Ulster Cycle including the epic “Táin Bó Cuailnge” (“Cattle Raid of Cooley”) and the hero Cú Chulainn.
By: Prof. Robert Epstein, Fairfield University

The Abbey: The National Theatre and the Nation
Leading up to Irish Independence in the 1920s, Irish cultural nationalists created institutions that anticipated the establishment of a new state before such was political reality.
Foremost amongst such organizations was the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, whose founders included W.B. Yeats.
By: Prof. Mary Burke, University of Connecticut

History and Current Use of the Irish Language
By: Lisa Nic an Bhreithimh, Fulbright Scholar in Residence, University of Connecticut

Ten-cent Irish on the Newsstand: Irish-American Pulp Fiction & Comic Strips
By: Prof. Christopher Dowd, University of New Haven

From Hope to Infamy and Regeneration
By: Prof. Irene Whelan, Manhattanville College

Love and Death in Ancient Ireland
Hard Facts and Fabulous Fiction of Romance and Battle in the Warrior Culture of Pre-Christian Ireland
By: CJ May

The CT Irish and Their Contribution to the Civil War
By: Prof.David Koch, Housatonic Community College

Charity and The Great Hunger in Ireland
The extent to which people throughout the world mobilized to provide money, food and clothing to assist the starving Irish
By: Prof. Christine Kineally, Quinnipiac University

The Irish Influence in Latin America
Chronicles of the Irish in Latin American that reveal epic qualities, both from the victim’s and the hero’s standpoint, and the special place the Irish hold in the hearts of many Latin Americans, especially the Mexicans
By: Jack Keogh

The History of Ireland in Song
A Musical History Lesson of Ireland
By: Damien Connolly, All Ireland Musician and Adj. Prof Sacred Heart University

The Men Behind Patrick Pearse and 1916
The People and Events leading up to the Easter Rising
By: John Roney, Ph.D., Professor of History, Sacred Heart University

The Church and 1916
Analysis of the Church’s reaction and response to the Rebellion
By: Oliver P. Rafferty SJ, Executive Directory of the Center for Irish Programs at Boston College

2017 Events
Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 2:00pm –  “Brexit and its Implications on Ireland” with Prof. Louise Williams, Professor of History at Central Connecticut State University.  Please refer to the articles in this document for related information prior to the lecture.

2019 Events
Sunday, March 24, 2019 – Irish Family History Day with the Ulster Historical Foundation.